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Click Apply to lodge a digital application for a fishing permit 

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Use the online form to lodge an application for a fishing permit.

Notify: Reciept

You will get a confirmation email notification with a link to track the applications status. Fisheries Officers will begin the process to review your application.

Notify: Goodstanding Check

You'll get an automated email from our e-Registry. The email will notify you of whether your vessel is on FFA's Vessel goodstanding list. You will not be able to proceed if you are not on this list.


If you pass the due dilligence tests you will be sent an invoice for payment. Once payment is made your permit will be approved.


Our staff will work through approving your application. Once approved you will be issued a link to your e-Permit. You can print this e-Permit for your records.

Blockchain Anchoring

Once approved the permit data is then anchored on to the bitcoin / ethereum blockchains.


If your application is rejected you will be notified via email. You can click on the ISSUES button to review why your application was rejected by officers.


On occation your application will be set to incomplete if some of the information was not provided. You will then be issued with a new link to refill and resend the application.